Helicopter Insurance

There isn’t much in the air that works harder than a helicopter. That’s why it’s so important that you have an agent with first-hand knowledge when it comes to creating an insurance package. We have options available for almost any helicopter. That goes for Bell, Robinson, Schweitzer, Hughes, Airbus models and many more. Come talk to us about your helicopter insurance needs, today. We’re confident that we can craft the perfect policy for you.

Helicopter Insurance

Helicopter Insurance with…

The Correct Coverage: We craft our rotorcraft insurance policies around the way you’re going to use them. We work to keep you from paying for any coverage that isn’t useful to you, and we’ll also make sure that insurance isn’t holding your business back.

Reliable Marketing: We create options for you by marketing your risk to other aviation insurance carriers. You get more offers to match to your needs.

Model-Specific Programs: There are a lot of helicopters in the sky, and we can offer specialized packages for most of them. Talk to us about your needs for your Robinson, Schweizer, Bell or Eurocopter. We can build policies around every use from helicopter flight instruction to 135 charter services.

We Help Pilot’s Transition: Flying helicopters or even just turbine helicopters for the first time? We may be able to help. We work with a collection of underwriters who will cover pilots transitioning to rotorcraft. Talk to us about your needs.

Coverage: We’re licensed in every state in the U.S. and in Puerto Rico. No matter where your helicopter is, we’ll be able to find a policy that gives you the features you need.